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Dr. Garcia believes that mankind was born to enjoy the blessings of long life and good health.  He believes the solution to most age-related health problems is a healthy lifestyle of good nutrition, fitness, stress reduction, and hormonal balance with bio-identical hormone therapy.  His book, Aged to Perfection:  Anti-Aging, Wellness & Weight Loss with Natural Hormones, is a testament to his passion for helping people succeed in achieving superior health and longevity. His expertise and knowledge in anti-aging, hormone therapy, and integrative medicine are unmatched in Columbus. As a patient, you will receive the tools needed to find relief from symptoms generally associated with aging including fatigue, hair loss, hot flashes, insomnia, low sexual desire, mood swings, muscle loss, and more.  Dr. Garcia’s willingness to illuminate your aging deficiencies is only exceeded by his enthusiastic rescue, leading you back to maximal health and wellness.  Experience perfect wellness at Perfected Wellness MD. Contact Dr. Garcia to get started on your path to wellness today!

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