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My name is M.T. Shahab, M.D. I am the medical director of MedWell. Pulse wave (Shock Wave) therapy has successfully treated hundreds of patients with Erectile Dysfunction. We also combine Bio-Identical Natural Testosterone Therapy and without the use of drugs or medication to obtain results. All of our patients are first evaluated by a physician to determine if they qualify for Pulse Wave or testosterone replacement therapy. In some cases initial lab tests are performed to determine each patient’s baseline which helps to monitor their progress throughout the testosterone treatment program. Additional follow-up testing is also performed to determine the patient’s progress and also to assess how they feel compared to when the start of the program. The above video is for educational purposes only.

There are often misconceptions about the role of testosterone. Despite what many people think, it affects more than corrections and sex drive. It is also a key component in overall energy, stamina, muscle strength, moods, happiness, memory, and self-confidence in men. Many men with low testosterone levels often feel like they have lost their masculinity and virility. It is also common to lose interest in activities such as fishing and golf that they may have routinely enjoyed in the past.

The all-natural, low testosterone therapy provided at MedWell does not have the common side effects are often associated with synthetic hormones. This is achieved through the use of bio identical hormones that have a proven track record for providing safe and successful increases in testosterone for men of all ages, since testosterone levels typically decrease the older men get. The multidisciplinary medical staff are able to recommend the appropriate treatment protocol to provide positive results for men of any age.

Our Pulse Wave and Testosterone Therapy is Designed to improve the following benefits:

  • Increased sex drive
  • Resolve erectile dysfunction
  • Increased energy and stamina
  • Improved skin tone
  • Improved mental focus

Shockwave Therapy is painless in-office procedure.

We are offering a new treatment for Erectile Dysfunction using regenerative medicine. Shockwave therapy creates microtrauma to tissue, stimulating your body’s own healing response, increasing healthy blood supply, generating growth factors, and leading to the formation of new blood vessels in the treated area.

The key to LISWT appears to be its effect on blood flow.   Normal erections require adequate blood flow.  When sexual stimulation causes an erection, what is actually happening is that arteries open so that the penis can fill with blood.  A decrease in blood flow can cause weaker or failed erections.

When LISWT is applied, shock waves interact with the targeted tissue where they cause mechanical “micro-trauma”. This triggers a chain of events that cause the release of growth factors that stimulate the formation of new vessels and more blood flow.

LISWT was developed in Israel and has been used in both Israel in Europe.   Although FDA approved for certain orthopedic applications, in the US, its use for erectile dysfunction is still awaiting approval and therefore, the therapy is not currently covered by insurance.

What is shockwave therapy and how might it help men with erectile dysfunction?

Shockwave therapy uses energy from acoustic waves to trigger a process called neovascularization in certain parts of the body. When neovascularization occurs, new blood vessels form. This helps improve blood flow to the region.

This type of therapy has been used to help heart patients, people with kidney stones, and those with fractures and joint inflammation. Recently, scientists have investigated low-intensity shockwave therapy to help men with erectile dysfunction (ED).

Shockwave increases blood flow.

Blood flow is critical to a man’s erections. When a man is sexually stimulated, arteries widen so that his penis can fill with blood. The blood is what gives the penis the firmness needed for vaginal penetration. A man who has problems with blood flow to the penis may have weaker erections or may be unable to have erections at all.

There are several types of treatments available to men with ED, including pills, vacuum erection devices, and penile injections. However, these therapies are typically conducted on an as-needed basis and may work for only one sexual encounter at a time. Shockwave therapy is different, as it targets the erectile mechanism so that men are more likely to have erections on their own.

How it works.

To administer shockwave therapy, a clinician applies a probe to the penis, which is coated in a special gel. Different areas of the penis are usually targeted. Treatment sessions may last for fifteen to twenty minutes. Men usually don’t need anesthesia or experience pain, although they might have a tingling sensation in the treated area.

Clinical trials of shockwave therapy for ED have had encouraging results. The process has been well tolerated by patients. Many men have found that their erections have improved and they are able to have intercourse. Men with more severe ED may still need to take ED medication in addition to having shockwave therapy.


Erectile dysfunction can be more than emasculating; it can ruin your quality of life. For many years, men with ED have resorted to oral ED medications, to relieve their symptoms. While oral medications for erectile dysfunction can be effective for temporary relief of the symptoms of ED, they don’t target the root cause of most patient’s ED and can often bring unwanted side effects.
We know that as men age, the vessels in the penis weaken, contract and fill with micro-plaque just as they do elsewhere in the body over time. As men age the penis decreases in sensitivity making it harder to achieve a pleasurable orgasm. Patients also tend to report increased or worsened refractory time between sexual activity. The bottom line is that most erectile dysfunction is a result of poor blood flow, known as vasculogenic ED.

There have been countless studies, going back decades, showing Low-Intensity Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (Li-ESWT) to be incredibly useful for treating ED. Success rates have been reported up to 76% (Therapeutic Advances in Urology) , and even one study, published in the Scandinavian Journal of Urology, which claimed that this could be “a possible cure” for ED in some patients!

How Smart Pulse Wave Works

Amart Pulse Wave uses pulsed acoustic waves, known in Europe as shockwave therapy, to address the root cause of poor sexual performance for men – poor blood flow. By expanding existing blood vessels in the penis and creating new avenues for more blood to flow into the penis, ErectionWave™ produces healthier, fuller and more sustained erections for men with and without erectile dysfunction. Results for this type of therapy have been shown to last up to two years (NCBI), much longer lasting than the typical ED treatments in New York, NY.

A Safer Alternative to Viagra

Among the most popular ways to treat erectile dysfunction, oral medications such as Viagra and Cialis are relied upon too much, and often cause unwanted side effects, such as nasal congestion, headaches, upset stomach, vision changes, facial flushing, and dizziness. They also only serve as a temporary ‘band-aid’ solution, having to be taken before intercourse. Young men are turning to these drugs for performance, leading to dependence causing sexual dysfunction.

Depending on the severity of ED, The Journal of Urology reported oral ED medications to yield as low as a 27% effective rate. Leaving patients with more severe ED to more invasive and dangerous treatments like penile (intracavernosal) injections of drugs like TriMix, where medication is injected directly into the penis before intercourse. Amongst the dangerous side effects, are priapism, an erection lasting hours beyond sexual stimulation, sometimes forcing patients to go to the emergency department to drain blood from the penis.

The good news is that studies had shown shockwave therapy to be effective when patients did not respond to oral ED medications (BJUI). ErectionWave™ offers patients effective and safe relief to their erectile dysfunction symptoms, reviving spontaneity and providing a longer-term solution. Additionally, it can address Peyronie’s Disease and optimize sexual performance.

Scientifically Proven Results

There are over 40 clinical studies showing shockwave therapy to be effective in treating ED. Commercially known as ErectionWave™ patients are reporting great improvements to their sexual health, including:

  • Longer lasting erections
  • More Spontaneous erections
  • Fuller Erections
  • Relief from symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction and Peyronie’s Disease
  • Enhanced sensitivity
  • Improved sexual performance
  • Decreased recovery time between orgasms




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