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Kelly Engelmann, FNP-BC, founded Enhanced Wellness Living in the Jackson/Ridgeland area of Mississippi in 2004.  Kelly has dedicated years to researching and developing treatment strategies using a food first approach for healing her patients. Through years of experience in clinical, hospital, surgical, and obstetrics/OBGYN healthcare, and her keen observations, Kelly became aware that, even with the best doctors, the patient population she was serving was developing and living in a chronic disease state.  She understood that the tools and resources patients needed to gain control of their health and live a life of vitality were limited.

Kelly was convinced she could be doing more for her patients and her passion for using food and nutrition as a tool for healing blossomed.  Kelly began with what she knew best, hormone balancing, and our practice has grown to support hundreds of patients through taking control of their health and overcoming conditions such as, hormone imbalances, dietary challenges, nutritional health, body composition, thyroid diseases, cardiovascular diseases, erectile dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, incontinence, CIRS, autoimmune disease, hair loss, mental health, skin health, gut health, natural aging, and more!  Kelly and the team will work with you to understand the underlying root cause of symptoms and empower you to heal your body and cultivate a life-long plan of energy and vitality!

At Enhanced Wellness Living, Kelly and her team partners with each of their patients to develop individual wellness plans, which ensures you are educated in creating a sustainable lifestyle of wellness.  Kelly understands that your beliefs and values should align with your wellness goals.  She developed a well-thought-out curriculum for her patients that serves as a part of the learning and empowerment of their journey.  Kelly believes that a lifestyle of health and wellness has a ripple effect and knows that the tools she imparts on her patients impact not only the patient, but their families and friends as well.

In 2021, Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner, Amanda Carter joined the Enhanced Wellness Living team to serve patients with a holistic care approach.  Amanda thrives on supporting our sexual wellness clients, educating them on how GAINSWave and our regenerative treatments along with using positive lifestyle changes and nutrition heal the body.  

Enhanced Wellness Living provides the latest and most comprehensive clinical education in Functional Medicine to serve our local community!  Specializing in body composition, women’s health, detoxification, hormone balancing, autoimmune diseases, inflammation, fatigue, gut health, thyroid health, sexual health, men’s health, hair loss restoration, nutritional education, supplements and vitamins, and more!

The GAINSWave procedure is the only non-surgical, non-invasive, Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy cleared by the FDA to improve blood flow and treat erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease. Utilizing high frequency, low-intensity sound waves, this proven treatment works to improve blood flow through the genitalia, combatting the effects of erectile dysfunction. These sound waves work to repair aged blood vessels, promote new blood vessel growth, and eradicate build-up of micro-plaque.

GAINSWave has no side effects, does not affect your reproductive abilities, and is scientifically proven to last up to 3 years.

Kelly Engelmann and Amanda Carter are trained, qualified, and experienced Nurse Practitioners and Enhanced Wellness Living (Ridgeland, Mississippi) has been successfully treating erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s patients for years.  As and A4M Sexual Health Certified practitioner, Kelly is thoroughly trained on the most cutting-edge protocols of getting to the root cause of sexual health concerns.  This simple, non-invasive procedure is done in the comfortable environment of our medical clinic, has no downtime, has no side effects, requires no medications, improves sexual performance and erections, and lasts for years!  The GAINSWave protocols were developed with over 40 years of clinical research which supports the effectiveness of soundwave therapy.   

If you want to get to the root cause of your ED and enhanced your sexual performance you have found the right place!

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Amanda Carter, MSN,ABAAHP,NP-BC
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