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Interested in the GainsWave because it is a non-pharmaceutical, natural treatment to improve blood flow and new blood vessel formation. I have become more and more convinced of the necessity of prevention and understanding the how and the why of erectile dysfunction and all diseases for that matter.


Peter F. Kunz MD

Board Certified General Surgery

Board Certified Plastic Surgery

IU North Hospital

Carmel, IN


Overall a great experience with Dr. Kunz and his staff. Noticeable results after first session, and substantially better results in the days and weeks following the final procedure. Dr. Kunz and his staff made a considerable effort to make me feel at ease and execute the procedure in a manner that was relatively painless. Most importantly, I want to point out that GainsWave and PRP are not just procedures for those experiencing significant problems related to erectile dysfunction but are great preventative measures even for those with a mild decline in sexual performance as well as those just wanting to optimize their performance. Regardless of your situation, I assure that you will be very satisfied with the results.


Age: 31

After over a decade of dealing with Peyronie’s disease and ED, along came GainsWave and Dr. Peter Kunz to help me tackle this problem. I am proud to say that after six weeks of treatment I have overcome this debilitating issue and have regained my manhood. I no longer need the help of pills to get an erection and dealing with the side effects of Cialis or Viagra of increased heart rate and flushed face. Coupled with PRP treatment, I have now regained my length and increased the girth of my penis. If you experience these same issues in your life I highly recommend contacting Dr. Kunz.

Proud and Satisfied Patient, Will

Age: 65

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