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Atlanta’s most recommended Erectile Dysfunction and Sexual Performance Specialists

Georgia Male Performance Clinic specializes in ED treatments only, so we are focused on restoring erectile tissue necessary for getting and maintaining erections, we are dedicated to providing the latest and most effective treatments using the highest FDA class and state of the art shockwave technology that is evidence based and clinically proven to promote tissue healing and regeneration

Georgia Male Performance Clinic is the only provider in Atlanta that offers the Focused Shockwave (STORZ DUOLITH SD1) technology used in the ED patients clinical trials , along with GAINSWave, P-Shot (PRP), Wharton's Jelly Regenerative Cells, Penile Injections, Peptides, and Testosterone Replacement Therapies as most effective ED treatments

Because of our unique combinations of these therapies, more than 90% of our patients exprience huge success in restoring erectile function, each treatment plan is tailored to each patient's condition to provide the best possible outcome leading to: 

  • Stronger and Lasting Erections
  • Improved Stamina and Desire for Sex
  • Boost in Confidence and Energy
  • Improved Relationships



  • Over 90% of patients experience success in restoring spontaneouse stronger erections
  • Highest standard and US patented focused shockwave technology (STORZ DUOLITH SD1) approved by the FDA for improving blood flow and tissue rejuvination
  • The only Focused Shockwave therapy provider in Atlanta backed by science, clinical researches, and over 25 patient trials
  • Full medical evaluation by board certified ED doctor’s with more than 35 years experience each. Their main concern is finding the best treatments to regain full erections
  • 95% of ED problems is caused by disorder or dysfunction of the blood vessels, poor blood flow in and and around the penis (Internal Pudendal Artery). Our physicians perform a blood flow doppler ultrasound for each patient to properly diagnose and effectively treat each unique condition to begin a quick path toward performing with confidence.
  • Best of all, guaranteed best Focused Shockwave and GAINSWave cost per treatment in AtlantaMultiple payment options, quick and easy medical financing.


We Build Trust! We Provide;

  • Best Technologies >  Superior Results >  Better Sex > Higher Confidence
  • Affordability > Most Competitive Cost 

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