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AgeRejuvenation is central Florida largest anti-aging and wellness clinic. We have been in business over 16 years and having a patient database of over 68,000 patients we have prided ourselves on being the ultimate extension of patient's health care needs. Voted as Tampa Bay's #1 Men's and Vitality clinic our providers are trained on helping our male patients improve overall quality of life.  As men age, their bodies go through a series of natural processes that can lead to decreased testosterone, erectile dysfunction, or even thyroid issues. These imbalances can in turn lead to a series of issues such as weight gain, ED (Erectile Dysfunction) issues, performance issues in and out of the bedroom, and even hair loss. As a comprehensive men’s clinic, we aim to use advanced diagnostic testing that provides insights to the root cause of symptoms, instead of solely treating symptoms of aging alone, like other men’s clinics. From there, your board-certified medical providers will work with you to establish a customized regimen that helps bring your body and hormone levels back into a balanced state, bringing along more energy and a renewed confidence. At our men’s wellness clinic, we have worked with and seen success in men of all diverse backgrounds and age ranges. We encourage patients to take the first step and schedule a free consultation. During this consultation we will focus on your individual needs and discuss various treatment options such as GainsWave, P-Shots, Stem Cell Therapy and other proven and successful treatments for men looking to feel and perform like you did in your 20's. Take the next step and make the call that can change your life.  

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