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Dr. Eisenbrown has been a private practicing urologist for the past 17 years.  She is double board certified in both Urology and Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery (FPM-RS).  Her entire career has been dedicated to restoring pelvic health in men, women and couples.   She has retired from private practice and now exclusiviely offers "Prescription-Free"  and "Surgery-Free" solutions for sexual dysfunction at all ages.  She works with works with men as young as the 30's and 40's who want to maximize their performance and satisfaction, but also helps older men who now are experiencing the cruel effects of age on libido, erections and vitality.

She graduated at the top of her class at the University of Florida in 1997.  She completed her General surgery and urology residency training at the University of Florida in 2002.  She became one of the first urologists in the country to become dual board certified in both urology and female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery in 2014.  She is also now a best selling author who has written 2 books, one of which helps women who have pain with intercourse.  Because she is fully trained in both urology and female sexual dysfunction, she has a unique ability to look at sexual health, not only for men and women as individuals, but also "the couple".  Sexual dysfunction is almost always a couples disease and success in treament is amplified when both partners are evaluated and treated.  

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