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Triverde Health Health and the Centre @ St. Pete Beach introduces GAINSWave and FEMIWave for men and women.

Growing older aka "Growing Up!" does not need to equate with a decrease in sexual performance, desire, or  sexual satisfaction.

Here at Triverde Health we offer healthy and proven alternatives to drugs, and invasive procedures as a means to improve overall health, quality of life, and now sexual desire and performance.

 A new solution, clinically proven, and also used by our doctors and staff, shown to not only enhance performance but increase intimacy between couples. The solution eliminates the need for drugs, mechanical devices, and invasive procedures. Requires minutes to perform, with little to no discomfort in a comfortable and peaceful setting, far removed from the clinical experience of a medical office setting.

Similar to physical exercise to provide outcomes, documented by weight loss, and improved muscle mass, the non-invasive procedure focuses on improvement in sexual function regardless of age, or level of improvement needed to enhance your sexual performance, with measurable outcomes documenting the improvement in sexual capacity and desire for both men and women.

GAINSWave and FEMIWave utilizes painless sound waves through a hand held wand to  enhance the sexual performance of both men and women at any age, and includes:


For men:

  1. Enhanced and Harder Erections
  2. Improvement in Sexual Performance
  3. Increase Sensation
  4. Long Lasting results
  5. Improve Sexual Intimacy
  6. Reduce Mental Stress


For Women:

  1. Improved Sensation
  2. Enhance Lubrication
  3. Enhanced  Orgasms
  4. Reduce incontinence
  5. Improve Sexual Intimacy
  6. Reduce Mental Stress


The Centre invites you to experience a drug free, noninvasive approach to improve your sex life, in a calm and nurturing setting, on St. Pete Beach, with a focus on the human experience, and not the clinical experience.

Triverde Health / The Centre @ SPB

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