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Regenesis focuses on optimizing performance and lifestyle factors that ultimately lead to disease and dysfunction. There is an overlap with functional medicine in that we look at root cause of a disease rather than focusing on just the symptoms of a condition or disease. In performance medicine we look at stress and stress mitigation options, improving sleep, improving nutrition and increasing activity to help with overall health. There are many barriers to function that exist and ultimately will create disease. In order to improve quality of life and function, this requires a detailed understanding of each persons metabolic and physical health as well how lifestyle factors and genetic factors then can amplify the metabolic and physical barriers leading to dysfunction and breakdown of the health of the individual. We use data and testing to direct nutrition and nutraceutical interventions when needed for overcoming metabolic dysfunction. We also look for how physical conditions contribute to the dysfunction and impair restorative activities such as sleep and exercise.


Ultimately our mission is to treat the underlying causes of the symptoms and remove barriers to performance rather than to focus on using medications as the only solution for illness or functional barriers. We want to help you build a healthier, stronger and more resilient body. This improves quality of life with lowering the risk of disability and chronic disease states.


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