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My name is Mark Rosen and I am the co-owner and Clinical Director of Gameday Mens Health in Palm Beach Gardens, with a second location in Jupiter, Fl anticipated early 2025.  I first started my career in health and wellness as a Personal Trainer.  Over the course of 13 years, I acquired multiple certifications, as well as a degree in Human Performance and Exercise Science.  I specialized in sports specific training, corrective exercise and injury prevention/rehabilitation, flexibility, and functional training.  I also worked for several years as a physical therapy technician at a physical therapy and sports medicine clinic.  During this experience, I worked with thousands of clients to help improve their physical and mental well-being, ultimately changing their lives.  

However, my passion for furthering my education and desire for expanding my professional development lead me down the path of medicine, ultimately becoming a Physician Assistant.  Upon completing my Masters degree in Medical Science as a PA, I began my career in Emergency Medicine.  This allowed me to experience a vast array of both patients and medical conditions, acquiring a wealth of knowledge across multiple aspects of medicine.  However, over the past few years, I have noticed a severe lack of attention dedicated to mens health.  I feel that there are several chronic ailments that men suffer from, which often go unnoticed or overlooked.  Many middle aged men suffer from conditions such as decreased energy, focus, memory, vitality, anxiety, depression, muscle loss, increase body fat, and last but certainly not least, decreased libido and erectile dysfunction.  

These symptoms are often dismissed by other clinicians, or chalked up to the normal process of aging.  When I discovered Gameday Mens Health.  I realized that this would be my opportunity to really help men feel as though they can have a safe space, where someone will truly listen to their needs and help them get back to feeling their best.  Here at Gameday, we offer multiple treatments to help men look maximize their potential.  These treatments include, testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), hormone replacement therapy (HRT) as well as the utilization of various peptides and vitamins to help boost your body's natural production of various hormones or other processes to help improve energy, cognitive function, libido, erectile dysfunction, increased muscle, reduced body fat, and boost your immune system.

We also offer non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures specifically for erectile dysfunction, such as Gainswave, and P-shot, which are often used in combination to give you fuller, longer lasting erections, with no side effects or implant devices.  These treatments are also excellent surgical alternatives for Peyronie's disease, a condition involving scar tissue development that results in abnormal curvature in the penis.  This can really plague males with this condition and destroy their self confidence.  Additionally, both Gainswave and P-shot can be used to help promote the healing of chronic injuries, as well as hair loss.  Through Gameday, I believe I have found the perfect combination of my two passions.  By the use of our bio-identical TRT and HRT therapies, vitamins, Gainswave, and P-shot, we can finally give mens health the attention it deserves and needs.  I am honored to serve you and will be with you step by step to get you back to a better you!

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