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As an experienced physician, Dr. David Cunningham has long sought innovative ways to help address the root cause of illness and pain.  He has near 20 years of experience in direct patient care, with a specific focus on Mens’ Health and Musculoskeletal Medicine.  Dr. Cunningham brings a common sense approach to new technologies and treatments to be able to offer his patients the safest, most effective ways to improve their health and wellness.  He is a passionate believer that the most important role he can play is as a guide, to help move his patients towards a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. Dr. Cunningham combines his knowledge and expertise with a relaxed and welcoming personality to put patients at ease while under his care.

As part of his never-ending quest for a better model of patient care, he left insurance-based medicine in 2016 and opened one of the first successful direct primary care practices in Massachusetts, Infinity Family Care, located in Mansfield.

In 2018 he created what is now Infinity Health and Body, and has expanded his treatment offerings to include Men's Sexual Health, Women's Sexual Health and Incontinence, core and body strengthening treatments, a comprehensive program for Joint and Back Pain and Advanced Medical Aesthetics.  All of the offerings at Infinity Health and Body are driven by Dr Cunningham's relentless optimism in the ability of the body to improve and recover if given the right regenerative medicine stimulation, and by what he calls his RAPID Method- Regenerative Approach to Pain, Inflammation, and Dysfunction.  

When he is not engaged in direct patient care, Dr. Cunningham enjoys spending time with his wife Abby and their two active children, Josie and Gabe.  He works out regularly and has competed in over 20 triathlons and multiple endurance distance bike races.  He also enjoys traveling and playing drums in a local "midlife crisis" folk rock band.

Infinity Health and Body

David Cunningham,MD

450 Chauncy St, Suite 2, Mansfield, MA 02048, USA

+1 (508) 399-1370

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