Dennis Rodman’s Secret to Superior Bedroom Performance at 60

NBA Hall of Fame superstar, Dennis Rodman, widely regarded for his fierce defensive skills on the court, as well as a notorious sex symbol off the court, spills the dirt on how he sustains healthy erections at age 60.  

I’ve noticed that women have a bigger sex drive than men, and recently, it’s been more difficult for me to keep up with the demand,” shares Rodman. “So, I started taking all kinds of pills that that claimed would help me keep ‘it’ up like I could in my 30’s and they either didn’t work or gave me massive headaches.GAINSWave really changed all that. Even after I’m done, me and my wife are able to keep on going and going. It’s crazy! I didn’t tell her that I was going to try it, so it was definitely a big surprise to her when she experienced the difference! Rodman continues.  

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