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If done correctly, promotional products can be an extremely successful advertising strategy. A promotional product is anything that contains a company’s logo. Such ordinary and seemingly insignificant products, like a pen or a hat, become the most effective marketing department when it is branded with your clinic’s logo.  

A tee-shirt with your clinic’s name, for example, becomes a walking advertisement that countless people might admire, depending on who is wearing it. A pen, with your clinic’s logo, serves as an advertisement every time someone uses it.

If you have not heard from a patient for a while, when an unexpected gift, like a coffee mug with your logo on it, arrives in the mail, they will be reminded of your services, and perhaps book another appointment. 

Different advertising has its own benefits. A commercial, airing in lucrative prime time, will be viewed by many people. The commercial will also cost a lot of money. But how many people will be watching the commercials? Of those that are watching, how many are in need of your clinic’s services? In the end, how effective is that commercial?

Promotional products, on the other hand, are very inexpensive. 4imprint, for example, will print your logo on a wide spectrum of different products, from beanie hats to flash drives. Both products with your logo cost less than $3 each. 

Here are some of the many benefits that promotional products can bring to your company. The most significant benefit is the happiness that everyone has after receiving a cool and free gift. The happiness is even magnified if it is a practical freebie. 


When choosing the product you will brand and give out to potential and current customers, consider the lifespan of the product. For example, a package of gum won’t last very long. An umbrella or a duffel bag, however, is a product that will be used for a long time, possibly for years. Every time the individual uses the product they will think of your company, or at least recognize the name of your company.


As mentioned previously, marketing through promotional products is significantly less expensive than other marketing methods. Especially for businesses, for example, regenerative health clinics, that have less than one hundred clients, the cost of promotional product marketing is low. 


One of your patients is a hiker. They were thrilled with the backpack freebie from you. When this patient is hiking up a trail, the hiker behind them spends a great deal of time admiring the backpack and the name of your company stretched across it. The same goes for most promotional products – a pen will be passed across a network of individuals, a calendar will be admired by most people who walk past it for an entire year, a notepad is witnessed by everyone at the meeting and more. As a result, a promotional product has the potential of advertising your company among countless people.


The above benefit ‘reach’ is so advantageous because it increases recognition of your clinic. An individual is researching erectile dysfunction solutions. When reviewing the list of providers in the area, he recognizes the name of one clinic, because the name also appears on his pen. Because of that pen, the individual recognizes and feels more familiar with the particular facility. As a result, he schedules an appointment.


Promotional products are one of the most effective methods of branding. It is also one of the more manageable forms of marketing. For example, $100 will buy 20 promotional water bottles, resulting in five new customers. On the other hand, a commercial on television is more about luck – that the targeted audience member is watching a particular television program, and then actually watches the commercials.

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