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Dr. David Cunningham

Board-Certified Family Physician

A good morning erection will make you feel like you can kick butt on your day…

Dr. David Cunningham is a GAINSWave's Clinical Advisor and a regenerative therapies expert. He turns back the clock on aging for men in myriad ways. In this episode we will explore using the radical and focused shockwave in tandem as well as when it’s best to use one versus the other. You’ll understand how the healing cascade triggered by the shockwave works to reverse atrophy, increase penile volume, improve vascularization, and restore nerve function for improves sensation.

David and Susan go into what an actual procedure is like: Pelvic floor stimulation, testosterone production, nitric oxide synthesis, stress and lifestyle, in addition the PRP and GAINSWave®. Discover why at the end of the session guys say, “that was it?” Because it’s so easy!

There are a lot of men who don’t notice how much firmness they’ve lost. Atrophy is a slow decline until it gets so bad you can no longer stay firm enough to penetrate a partner. However, there are many warning signs you can notice BEFORE you get to this point.

Sex is a big part of your life. GAINSWave® can mean the difference between ageless intimacy and feeling like less of a man. Tune into this excellent video which will inspire you to have the strongest penile experience you can offer.

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