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Using Artificial Intelligence

In Greek mythology, the island of Crete built this enormous bronze giant to protect it. The giant’s name was Talos, and it would perform simple tasks, like throwing boulders at approaching ships, and then walking around the island three times everyday. Jason and the Argonauts eventually defeated Talos by removing a plug from its foot, which allowed all of it’s liquid to pour out.

Artificial intelligence has come a long way since Talos. From the farms that grow vegetables, to the factories that make medicine, to the search engines that study the data, to the Amazon drones that deliver packages, and to the robotic pilots that fly the airplane, AI is all around us. In fact, AI has even become an integral part of marketing and website design. 

Oxford Languages define artificial intelligence as a computer system that is able to perform tasks that require human intelligence. Recently, AI has even professed an ability to design websites. Is this possible? The short answer is yes. Even something as personal and important as a business’ website, can be designed by a computer. Plus, AI does a pretty good job of designing websites. 

Time and money are of the essence these days. The greatest benefit of having AI create your website as opposed to a web developer, is that you save both, significantly. The AI website development process takes no more than ten minutes. As per the price, website building platforms vary in cost, but you could have a basic website built for less than $20 a month, according to How much does it cost to build a website?

In order to build YOUR website, AI needs just a few strands of information, like the name of your business and what sort of product or service you provide to your clients. Some AI website builders just require a few keywords. From this data, your own website is created.

Other AI website platforms are more compact. For example, asks for an existing website. With this gem of data, is able to extract text and images from one’s online profile and condense this into their algorithm. The finished product is a highly personal website that accurately reflects the business.


As a result, artificial intelligence can personalize a website and hence, optimize a user’s experience on your website. In this issue, automated emails were promoted as a highly effective marketing tool. Automated emails are also a form of artificial intelligence. By installing an algorithm into a website, when a user purchases something, researches a product, has an office visit, or even goes a long time without an office visit, an appropriate email would be sent.

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