COVID-19 and Erectile Dysfunction, What You Need to Know

If COVID-19 and erectile dysfunction are like a funeral in the rain – two things we want to avoid. Okay. I get it. It is a free country – you get to choose whether you want the vaccine or not. Perhaps one would get vaccinated if it meant that they were at risk of losing a sizable chunk of their penis.

A podcast airing three years now, appropriately entitled “How to Do It, gives advice to Slate readers regarding anything related to the birds and the bees. The questions have become markedly more bizarre as our planet has been ravaged by COVID-19. Once upon a time, a guy may lie awake all night thinking of how to court his love interest. Now that the city is in lock-down, he spends that time navigating through internet porn. 

One letter to the podcast summarized the agony of an extremely disheartened gentleman. This fellow is in his 30s and he caught COVID-19. He became very sick and spent time in the hospital.

“When I got out of the hospital, I had some erectile dysfunction issues,” he told ‘How to Do It’.

COVID impacts a man’s sexual well-being. This is a known fact. According to a scientific study, COVID-19 causes an increased likelihood of erectile dysfunction. 

The man’s letter continued though. According to him, before his illness, he had an “above average” sized jack-hammer. But after COVID-19, his penis shrank. “Now I’ve lost about an inch and half and have become decidedly less than average.”

The man was advised by a doctor that his penis problems were vascular damage caused by COVID-19 and that such problems were permanent. 

Can COVID-19 Really Shrink Your Penis?

Although not much is known about the connections between COVID-19 and erectile dysfunction, some published studies have made tentative links between the two. One “tiny” study, by the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, examined the penile tissue of four men who had all contracted COVID-19. Months after the infection was gone, scientists could still find traces of the virus in the genital areas of the men.

Researchers concluded that traces of COVID-19 remain in the genital area long after the virus has left because the virus restricts blood to the penis. Science has not yet proved that COVID-19 can actually shrink a penis. However, several studies have verified that COVID-19 does affect one’s blood flow. This could result in erectile dysfunction.

Blood circulation problems are the most common cause of erectile dysfunction. After all, an erection is just a collection of blood in a penis. Problems in the body with blood circulation, whether it be caused by blood clots, diabetes, obesity, or something else, will most likely be unable to amass an erection. Poor blood circulation is a possible long-term COVID-19 effect.    

How Can COVID-19 Impact One’s Blood?

Some people infected with COVID-19, acquire abnormal blood clotting. Blood clots can cause erectile dysfunction among other far more serious conditions such as kidney failure and strokes. 

This WebMD article concerns an increase of patients complaining about rashes, blood clots and strokes – all of which can be caused by broken blood vessels. 

“The surprise was that this respiratory virus makes a beeline for the cells lining blood vessels, filling them up like a gumball machine and shredding the cell from the inside out,” Li says. “We found blood vessels are blocked and blood clots are forming because of that lining damage.”

According to a University of Florida Health report, men with COVID are three times more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. 

GAINSWave is an Effective Treatment

One can treat their erectile dysfunction condition with a wide selection of alternatives: erectile dysfunction pills, like the successful Viagra; penile implants; pumps, or even therapy. Some of these methods only last a night, while others are extremely questionable. If blood circulation is the problem, one must improve this defect. GAINSWave providers treat erectile dysfunction with the only FDA-approved medical device for this condition.

Low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave treatment is safe, quick, and non-invasive. The treatment consists of running a device over the groin area. The GAINSWave pulsating sound waves “shocks” the existing damaged blood vessels and then stimulates the growth of new and healthy blood vessels. The process disintegrates blockages that may exist in one’s bloodstream. Don’t take my word for it. Read more than 30 scientific studies that all validate the efficacy of GAINSWave.


Researchers, such as Joseph Katz D.M.D., a professor in the UF College of Dentistry, speculated that the correlation between COVID and erectile dysfunction could be even worse than statistics prove. The stigma associated with erectile dysfunction may cause countless men apprehension to report it. As a result, the actual number of COVID-stricken men who now have erectile dysfunction could be much higher than reported. 

This article is not so depressing for everyone. Vaccination means that the playing field just got a lot less competitive! 

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