Guide: Shea Butter Help With Erectile Dysfunction

If you find it hard to maintain a normal erection, your doctor may diagnose you with erectile dysfunction. Typically, more than 18 million people in the US experience erectile dysfunction. Although some people don’t get an erection at all, some get it, but it doesn’t last long to satisfy their sexual needs.

In some cases, you may experience a full erection, but not consistently, especially if you want to have sex. This can cause stress and erode your self-confidence. Over a long time, it gets hard to maintain a happy relationship with your partner.


Fortunately, there are various natural ways of treating ED by enhancing blood circulation in the penis. Remember, ignoring early signs of impotence can trigger underlying health conditions such as cardiovascular complications. Also, there are other risks of treating impotence, such as using unregulated products and services.

This article addresses health-related topics on impotence, including how shea butter can help with erectile dysfunction. Also, we introduce you to the innovative non-invasive procedure known as GAINSWave that can hell restore normal erection naturally.

Shea Butter

This product is a vegetable fat extract from the African Shea tree, scientifically known as vitellaria paradoxa. The use of this butter dates back to hundreds of centuries ago in the sub-Saharan countries such as Mali and Togo. Early human civilization preferred this tree extract, thanks to its decongestant, skin healing, and moisturizing properties.

Unlike most pharmaceutical products in the market, this extract promotes skin tissue development with zero to little irritation. Besides, it’s ideal for long-term applications. It can help treat ED and improve penis health in many ways, including:

Shea Butter Can Help Treat Ed and Improve Penis Health in Many Ways:


Shea Butter: Enhancing Skin Integrity

Various habits can reduce erections, including excess masturbation, dehydration, poor nutrition, dry rubbing, and vigorous sex. All these habits can trigger eczema or dry penis skin. Fortunately, shea extracts can help restore your skin integrity if experiencing these conditions.

The shea nut has softening and moisturizing triglycerides such as oleic and stearic acids. These emollient properties can improve the condition of your penis skin and guarantee you more pleasure during intercourse.

These triglycerides penetrate deeper into the skin. Thus, it helps if you use 100% organic shea nut to avoid any possible complications. If you must use ointments and creams, go for certified health products.

Shea Butter: Source of Vitamin E

Vitamin E, scientifically known as tocopherol, is a crucial nutrient in enhancing penis health, especially if you apply it in high quantities. Naturally, vitamin E occurs in sufficient quantities on the skin. It has antioxidant properties for protection against complications such as cancer. However, you might want to increase Vitamin E levels in the body if you find it hard to maintain an erection.

Adequate vitamin E levels in the body mean more penis resistance UV-A and UV-B rays. These rays usually interfere with the signal transmission in the penile nerve network. If you can resist these rays, you’ll experience more blood flow, hence quick arousal. In other words, vitamin E from African shea extracts could be the answer to your health and pleasure complications.

Shea Butter: Bioactive Protection Against Skin Disorders

Inability to erect can be a result of inflammatory and pathogenic skin complications. These conditions affect the penis’s health and how blood circulates its tissues. Experts note that African shea extracts contain about 3% to 10% bioactive properties with therapeutic effects on human skin.

Other chemicals in shea extracts that can help address inflammation include catechins and triterpene alcohols. Catechins have the same antioxidant properties as green tea. This extract also has lupeol, a chemical that reduces enzymatic actions fueling skin aging.

Many research studies support these findings. If you’re suffering from dry skin or psoriasis around the penile tissues, you can use shea extracts alongside other complementary topical treatments.

Shea Butter: Reduces Keratinized Skin

Sometimes, you can experience reduced erection because of toughened skin around the penis. Constant friction caused by rubbing your manhood against tight clothing can lead to toughened skin developing at the tip of the penis as a thick outer layer. Experts call this condition skin keratinization.

This makes the penis numb or insensitive to touch. You won’t get an erection when your partner touches you. Sometimes, it takes longer to get an erection and doesn’t last long, even if it happens.

Keratinized skin could also mean insufficient blood flow in penile tissues. Creams rich in African shea extracts can help treat this condition by moisturizing the keratinized skin. Also, these products will enhance blood flow for long-lasting erections.

Other Options to Restore Your Erection

Penis Health Creams

You can regain your erection by applying penis health creams rich in shea nut extracts. Watch out for creams with at least two ingredients discussed above, such as vitamin E and antioxidants. You can also go for products with rich bioactive properties if you desire strong arousal. Modern penis health creams contain amino acids to enhance deep penetration and fast absorption. Most importantly, ensure your favorite penis health cream has shea nut extracts.

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Shockwave Therapy: Non-invasive Procedures

Do you know that you can restore a long-lasting erection without taking pills or going through surgeries? GAINSWave is innovative shockwave therapy for treating the root cause of ED. This therapy enhances your male sexual function and performance, restoring your confidence and happy sex life. It increases blood flow by stimulating growth factors for new blood vessels formation. On top of that, GAINSWave therapy breaks down the penile micro-plaque.

The Benefits of GAINSWave Shockwave Therapy

• Non-invasive procedure
• Simple in-office treatment
• No recovery downtime
• High success rate
• Minimal to zero side effects


Loss of penis sensation can cause stress and erode your confidence. However, every difficult moment in life has an end. You can use shea nut extracts to improve blood flow and address skin conditions that trigger numbness, such as eczema. Even better, you can opt for GAINSWave non-invasive therapy to restore natural male sex functioning. Take the bold step today and lead a quality life.


Is Shea Butter Good for Men?

Is shea butter good for men?

Unlike most pharmaceutical products in the market, this extract promotes skin tissue development with zero to little irritation. Besides, it’s ideal for long-term applications. It can help treat ED and improve penis health in many ways.

The fact is that Shea butter benefits all skin types, all genders, and all ages.

How Can I Make My Pennis Strong?

How can I make my Pennis strong?

Below are 8 options those looking to get harder erections can try.
See a doctor. If a person is having trouble getting or maintaining an erection, they should speak with a doctor
Eat a nutritious diet
Get regular exercise
Communicate with sexual partners
Explore new things
Limit alcohol intake
Sleep well
Reduce stress

What Are the Benefits of Eating Shea Butter?

What are the benefits of eating shea butter?

Shea Butter Nutrition Facts: Calories, Carbs, and Health Benefits

If you consume shea butter, you may gain some health benefits from the monounsaturated fat that it provides. Monounsaturated fats can help reduce LDL cholesterol (also called “bad” cholesterol) and can help to lower your risk of heart disease and stroke.

What Naturally Makes a Man Hard?

What naturally makes a man hard?

Simple habits, such as exercising often, reducing stress and getting a good night’s sleep, can all help to increase your testosterone levels. Many of these habits are also ideal for improving your general health, sexual performance and wellbeing as a man.

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