Can Erectile Dysfunction be Reversed?

YES!!!! Erectile dysfunction (ED) can be reversed. In fact, ED is so incredibly common, the condition can usually be cured without taking any medicine. Read this article to discover several simple lifestyle changes one can incorporate to ensure that the sleeping inchworm becomes a raging anaconda. In addition, this article will teach several ways that one can start reversing erectile dysfunction.

How do you know that you have Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction can impact relationships and massacre one’s self-esteem. Keep in mind that a trillion factors that don’t include ED could be the reason why last night’s bedroom exploits did not work out as one would hope. 

Likewise, a failure to become sexually aroused can be caused by many different factors other than ED. A person’s stress levels, hormones, blood vessels, nerves, and well-being all contribute to arousal. If just one of those things is out of whack, a lack of sexual arousal can occur. 

There could be a host of reasons to explain why you are not getting hard. Do not be so quick to blame it on ED. In the same vein, however, when confronted with the possibility of ED, a lot of times guys will do the exact opposite. Instead of blaming it on ED, they put their tail between their legs and hide under the bed. In the process, their ego and their relationships with their significant other suffers.

Here are the most significant characteristics of ED. If all three of them are occurring for a lengthy period of time, most likely, ED is the culprit. 

  • Reduced sexual arousal
  • Difficulty to produce an erection
  • Difficulty to keep an erection

Still uncertain? Read this site to learn more about erectile dysfunction symptoms.

Common causes of erectile dysfunction

After you have recognized that erectile dysfunction is the cause of your despair, the worst is over. Rest assured, once you start changing your lifestyle, your little problem will be no more. Most people are able to cure erectile dysfunction. But figuring out what caused the problem in the first place, could be something of Pandora’s box.

Sexual arousal is a lot more complicated than an episode of The Benny Hill Show. So many different internal instruments, such as hormones, emotions, nerves, muscles, and blood vessels are all working just to get those juices flowing. If any of those instruments are not working properly, then the entire show will be canceled. Read this website to discover GainsWave ED treatment, as well as the causes of the condition.

Physical causes

ED can be the cause of a physical problem, like clogged blood vessels, drug use, or sleep disorders. There can also be a medical condition such as multiple sclerosis, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure that causes ED. Someone may have ED as a result of their obesity.

Psychological causes

ED can also be the result of some deep-rooted issues. Depression or stress can often make it difficult for the mind to get in the mood for love. In addition, relationship issues or communication problems can intricately cause ED.

Could porn cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Whether or not porn can cause erectile dysfunction is being debated. Either way that you look at it, porn erectile dysfunction is a mindset. Porn can potentially alter anyone’s perceptions of sexual activity in such a way, that sex with their partner can no longer meet the individual’s expectations. As a result, the body fails to release enough dopamine required to produce and maintain an erection. One way to cure erectile dysfunction would be to ease up on porn.

Erectile Dysfunction is Linked to Several Medical Conditions

An erection and then ejaculation is the end result of a lot of complex internal functions and processes. In addition, a lot of internal organs, such as the heart and the mind, are at work. Any condition that affects a part of the body involved in these sexual functions, can cause ED. As a result, many medical conditions usually coincide with ED. 

What is the connection between diabetes and erectile dysfunction?

As a result of poor long-term blood sugar control, people with diabetes are much more likely to sustain serious damage to their nerves and blood vessels. Hence, erectile dysfunction is common in men who have diabetes. In fact, according to, up to a whopping 75% of men who suffer from diabetes, will encounter erectile dysfunction in their lives!

Inadequate blood flow is the central cause of erectile dysfunction. The body is a machine. Every order comes from the brain. When blood vessels are clogged, the flow of messages from the brain and across the body will travel less efficiently. 

Autonomic neuropathy occurs when the nerves in charge of automatic reactions, like an erection, are damaged. When the blood vessels and nerves connecting the brain to the penis have been damaged, it can be impossible to create an erection. One way to cure erectile dysfunction is to clear up those clogged blood vessels and nerves.

What is the connection between high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction?

High blood pressure and erectile dysfunction are not a good combination. According to WebMD, some blood pressure medication causes ED. 70% of men who suffer side effects, like ED, as a result of taking high blood pressure medicine, will stop taking it. Such people, who need blood pressure medicine but do not take it, are at greater risks of suffering heart attacks or strokes. 

High blood pressure damages our blood vessels, causing the arteries to narrow and limit blood flow. Decreased blood flow eventually makes it difficult to amass an erection. Imagine a man in this situation. The failure to perform will undoubtedly create anxiety. Perhaps, his erectile dysfunction causes the man to avoid sex, culminating in fights with his partner. All of this anxiety and stress will only cause his blood pressure to soar. If he is taking blood pressure medicine, the problem will only exacerbate.  

What is the connection between depression and erectile dysfunction?

As noted earlier, erectile dysfunction can harm the relationship between yourself and your partner, but ED can also devastate one’s ego. Failure to sexually perform can quickly ruin a romantic evening. At the end of the night, it will be your fault. Anyone in such a scenario can become extremely depressed. But don’t. ED is very common, it affects 30 million men in the United States. 

Depression and erectile dysfunction are strongly linked. Sort of like the ‘chicken or the egg’ paradigm, it can be difficult to discern which medical symptom causes the other. However, both symptoms can be easily treated by being honest with yourself as well as your partner, and maybe a doctor. As long as depression is an open topic, it becomes less stressful and more manageable. As with most mental conditions, bottling depression inside could lead to harmful and self-destructive consequences.

What can you do to Reverse Erectile Dysfunction?

Most people can easily cure erectile dysfunction. With or without medications, you could be king of the bedroom once more. Though, treatment will be different, depending on the severity of the disorder causing ED. 

First, you need to find out what sort of ED do you have

According to Medical News Today, ED can be classified into two groups:

Primary ED – This type of ED is rare. It occurs when a man has never been able to form an erection.

Secondary ED – This type of ED is the most common. It occurs in people who used to be able to form an erection but, for whatever reason, are unable to present.

Both forms of ED are treatable. Primary ED will require more intensive treatment. 

What is the most effective ED solution?

How to treat erectile dysfunction depends on the individual. ED is not like the common cold. The condition can be caused by deep-rooted psychological issues, or some very specific internal medical conditions. In other words, ED cures are not one size fits all. The most effective erectile dysfunction cure depends on the person. Sometimes, more traditional solutions, such as surgeries or medication, do not work.


Viagra and other similar pills are the most common ways people treat erectile dysfunction. However, the pills provide only short-term benefits. Most people who take such drugs will experience an increase in the blood to their penis. However, these pills do nothing to treat the underlying conditions causing ED, which is most likely the blood vessels.

Psychological treatment

Lots of times, sexual dysfunction problems are in the head. Releasing some of that tremendous mental baggage could be all that is required to get and maintain an erection. Couples’ therapy is a way for both partners to examine their bedroom problems and find a solution. With a mediator in the room, to help guide the discussion, productive results will most likely lead to ED solutions.

Pelvic exercises

One way to treat erectile dysfunction is just by doing some exercises. It is worth a shot. According to Healthline, pelvic exercises, more commonly known as Kegel exercises, are helpful in both men and women. Women may use the exercise to regain muscle tone after childbirth.

Kegel exercises strengthen the bulbocavernosus muscle, which is the same muscle that allows the penis to enlarge with blood during an erection, and also it is the muscle that pumps during ejaculation. Visit the MayoClinic website, for a complete description of Kegel exercises. They are very simple to perform.

Lifestyle changes

Sometimes, a simple lifestyle or dietary change is all that is needed to regain your throne in the bedroom. For example, as noted earlier, many men have ED as a result of their high blood pressure. Relaxation exercises could lower blood pressure, and in effect, end erectile dysfunction.

Inadequate blood flow is one of, if not the most, common causes of natural erectile dysfunction. Several lifestyle changes, such as quitting smoking, drinking less alcohol, losing weight, and exercising more are all easy lifestyle changes that anyone can make to improve their blood flow, making it easier to achieve an erection.  

How GainsWave Revolutionized Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

After reading that article, you probably noticed the term ‘blood flow’ often. The flow of blood through your body is the most important thing when it comes to an erection. Pills like Viagra may help someone get an erection. This temporary fix does nothing to clean up the blood. 

GainsWave is a revolutionary new treatment that is non-invasive and drug-free, that allows individuals to get erections by clearing up plaque in blood vessels as well as creating new and healthy blood vessels. As a result, GainsWave stands above all of the other treatments, because GainsWave actually fixes the anatomical problem causing ED.

Don’t take my word for it, read the more than 30 erectile dysfunction research studies for yourself, that all conclude that the therapy used by GainsWave can actually cure a man’s erectile dysfunction. One or two conclusions are commendable, but when, practically, the entire scientific community is in agreement, the findings can not be ignored. 

The time is now and the solution is GainsWave!

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