Has your once-vibrant sex life hit a plateau? If you’ve found yourself cozying up with chocolate and vintage “Sex and the City” episodes more often than sharing intimate moments, you’re not alone. But fear not – we’ve got just the podcast episode to reignite your passion and transform your intimacy journey. Join the Body Literacy Podcast for a conversation with Susan Bratton, the self-proclaimed “Orgasmanaut” and intimacy expert who is dedicated to helping people sustain passion throughout their entire lives.

Unveiling Secrets to Lifelong Intimacy: In this episode, Susan Bratton shares her wealth of knowledge and best-kept secrets for igniting intimacy through the art of sexual biohacking. While anti-aging products for skin and muscle health are prevalent in our culture, few consider the conscious attention required to maintain a vibrant sex life, especially as we journey through the second half of life.

Beyond Diet and Exercise: Susan delves into the critical idea that sexual health deserves as much attention as other aspects of our well-being. While lifting weights and maintaining a balanced diet are fantastic for the body, there are numerous options available to boost sexual health that extend beyond these conventional methods.

Boosting Libido and Vitality: Discover Susan’s top tips for boosting libido and explore non-invasive treatments that enhance vitality for both men and women. Her insights can help you break through barriers and revitalize your sexual wellness.

A Personal Journey: Susan’s commitment as a sexual wellness educator is deeply rooted in personal experience. She shares her own journey of watching her sex life dwindle as she and her husband pursued busy careers. When their relationship reached a crossroads, they made a pact to reignite their passion. Susan’s approach is authentic and relatable, making her programs incredibly effective.

Deep Dive into Intimate Topics: In this enlightening episode, Susan and the host explore sexual biohacking techniques, sexual regenerative medicine, intimacy skills, communication in the bedroom, and much more. It’s a conversation that goes deep into the intricacies of maintaining passion and intimacy throughout life.


If you’re ready to rekindle the flames of passion and embark on a journey to lifelong intimacy, don’t miss this edition of the Body Literacy Podcast featuring Susan Bratton. Her insights and expertise are sure to inspire and empower you to prioritize your sexual health and well-being.

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