More Sex Drive… and Better Sensations

Blade Thomas’ GAINSWave Story – Part 4 of 8

Blade’s sex drive returns after his third treatment and he’s more optimistic than ever. Read to find out what happens!

My Moment of Truth … Treatment #3 of 6

This is going to be my 3rd treatment of the GAINSWave ED Therapy.

Just to recap, I have signed up and paid for six sessions of low intensity radial acoustic sound waves to be applied to my penis to open blocked blood vessels that contain micro-plaque which is decreasing the flow of blood necessary for me to get an erection firm enough to satisfy my woman and to make me feel like a whole man again.

This will be my 3rd GAINSWave treatment session and I go in with great expectations since I am now starting to notice some changes in my penis – good changes!

My Animal Instinct Returns

The first thing I noticed this week is that my sex drive is increasing. Not just my desire, but my animal instinct to have more sex. You might say I am becoming hornier than usual. Not only that, I’ve been masturbating 1-2 times a day as part of my homework from Juan in session #2.

What has surprised me most of all is that I am noticing better sensations in the head of my penis. What I really mean is that my orgasms seem to be heightened when I masturbate. My penis is a little firmer, but still not enough for solid penetration, which is my ultimate goal for this therapy.

Now that I know the drill, everything seems easier and much less stressful. I check in with the receptionist. She gives me the numbing cream. I go into the bathroom and apply it, being careful not to get it in my eyes, wash my hands, etc.

I once again fill out the one-page questionnaire about my erection status and wait for the numbing cream to take effect. The nurse comes out, calls my name, and says I will be in Treatment room #4. Ok, I think. Treatment room #4; I’m usually in #3, but #4 is good. I wonder what’s different this time since they have me going into room #4.

I sit on the medical lounge chair and relax and look at the medical charts and diplomas on the walls for a few minutes. The door opens and it is … Juan again. I was hoping for Vanessa, but Juan is great too. No problem.

Juan asks me how it’s going. I tell him that I’ve been doing my masturbation homework. He laughs and says, “What else? Getting improved erections?”

I’m More Horny & My Orgasms are More Pleasurable

I’m More Horny & My Orgasms are More PleasurableI say, “A little; a little firmer. But one thing I’ve noticed is that I am physically hornier, and my orgasms are feeling better, different, and more pleasurable than before.”

Juan says, “That’s good! Looks like the sound waves are creating new blood flow to your penis. This is good news. From here I think it will get better. Let’s get to work.”

And so, we begin our 3rd treatment of pulsing sound waves. The numbing cream works great. I feel nothing. No discomfort, no pain, just the faint sound of the high frequency, low intensity acoustic sound waves.

Juan says, “You know, urologists have used sound waves to dissolve kidney stones for years. The main difference is that they use FOCUSED, HIGH INTENSITY sound waves, kind of like an acoustic laser beam to break up the kidney stones.

GAINSWave uses high frequency, 2.5 waves per second, Low Intensity Radial sound waves. The Radial sound waves are more like the ripple you see when you drop a rock into a pool of water, or like the waves in the ocean.

I say, “Ok, Juan. I guess the key words here are RADIAL vs. FOCUSED.  Focused would not be good for my penis, but radial helps enhance blood flow. I think I got it.”

Have You Ever Tried ED Meds?

He says, “Yes, Blade. You got it.” Then he asks me, “Have you tried Viagra or Cialis for your ED?”

I say, “Yes. I tried Viagra in my late 40s. It was the big thing at the time. Even if you didn’t need it, the promise of a marathon hard-on made it kind of a recreational drug for hotter, longer lasting, better sex. I tried it a couple of times. It was great, but it blocked my sinuses and I felt like I had a cold when I took it. It blurred my vision too so I was seeing shades of yellow and blue.

I think the biggest disappointment was that I could have a sustained erection for 60-90 minutes, but it was hard as hell to have an orgasm. Plus, when I did orgasm, it was a diminished orgasm. It just wasn’t over-the-top like my normal orgasms. You know, not as pleasurable. My orgasms didn’t feel as good when I was on the little blue pill.”

Juan says, “Yes, I’ve heard similar stories from other guys who come in to get the GAINSWave treatments. One guy said he developed a dependency so that he couldn’t even think of having sex without his little blue pill. He said it gave him a great erection, but he felt a little dependent on it and didn’t even want to have sex unless he had one in his pocket ready to go.

I also heard about the blurred vision and the reduced sensations during intercourse and at climax. I guess that’s why GAINSWave is becoming so popular. Our treatment schedules are booked almost all day long, every day.

More and more guys are opting for GAINSWave over the medication alternatives for ED. Some guys are coming in for treatment that don’t even have ED. They just want stronger, harder erections. One guy said he went home the same night after his treatment and made love to his wife four times! He said she loved it and wanted to know WHAT GOT INTO HIM.

Little Blue & Red Enhancement Tabs That Melt in Your Mouth

The reason I ask about your experience with Viagra or Cialis, is that we have this version of these meds. They’re more customized and you won’t get blocked sinuses or blurred vision. They are small tabs that you place under your tongue. They melt in your mouth within about 5 minutes and go directly into your bloodstream.

After a few sessions of GAINSWave, guys who were not responsive to the PDE-5is, like Viagra and Cialis, are reporting that they are getting a good response from our treatment tabs. We have the blue tabs (they’re like Cialis) which you can take every other day, and the red tabs (they’re like Viagra) you can take 30 – 40 minutes before you plan to have sex.

If you’re interested, I can ask the doctor if he can give you a sample supply so you can try it out for yourself in concert with your GAINSWave treatments. Do you want me to do that?”

So now my mind starts churning, and I think … here it comes; they are trying to give me ED meds to make me think this acoustic shock wave therapy is fixing my ED when it is really the ED meds. So, I ask Juan, “What do you think? Is this some kind of bait-and-switch deal to make me think GAINSWave is working when it is really the meds?”

Combination Therapy

Juan casually says, “No it’s not that. You came in here with a pretty severe case of ED. Many men use the combination of both therapies to get better, faster results. Besides, you know your previous experience with these types of meds. If it’s not for you, there is no problem.

But you do have a personal deadline of Thanksgiving, and I think it’s a good option to speed up the process. It’s up to you. Just let me know now and I will ask the doc to give you a complimentary supply that will last you a few weeks so you can see for yourself if it’s a good supplemental move for you.”

I say, “Ok, Juan. I’ll give it a try.”

He says he’ll be right back and leaves the treatment room. Five minutes later he returns, and says, “The doctor has reviewed your chart and based on your medical history you can take one blue tab every other day. In this little red container there are blue tabs. That’ll last you just over two weeks. Try it out and let me know how it works for you.”

So that’s how my third session went. I’ve got enhanced sensations, some action on the strength of my erections, and now I leave with a little red container with  blue tabs inside. I confirm my next appointment, get in my car and before driving back to work, I open up the container and take one of the blue tabs out and put it under my tongue.

It tastes not bad, actually pretty good, as I drive away with it slowly melting under my tongue. I wonder what this will do for me.

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