Blade Thomas’ GAINSWave Story – Part 8 of 8

Blade’s completed his last GAINSWave treatment and his moment of truth has arrived. Did Blade make it to California to romance his love? Find out in his last  blog post here.

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This epilogue is about how the story seems to morph into something completely unexpected. It’s kind of like how the curse becomes the blessing. For you, this is just words on a page, but for me it’s epic because I’m actually living all this. It is my hope that these words can help transform your life as this experience has transformed mine. I took a risk and the risk paid off, and then it didn’t, and then it did. Read on and you’ll understand everything…

My Moment of Truth

After my last GAINSWave® treatment #6 of 6, I met with Adam, my personal rep who helped guide me into the GAINSWave program. He set up my schedule of treatments to get my desired result of being able to once again have spontaneous erections on demand so I could have hot sex with my new love.

In a minute, I will tell you about my conversation with Adam. But first I want to explain why I felt so compelled to regain my manhood when many men simply give up and resign themselves to a boring life of impotence.

Spontaneous Erections

When I say spontaneous erections, what I mean is being able to have sex when the moment is right and my love and I want to engage in adult sexual intercourse – without having to schedule a medication dose to help me get an erection, or without having to give myself a penis injection with a needle or syringe.

For me, having to do all this takes the joy and spontaneity out of making love. I mean, if that’s all there is, I will definitely not abandon sex for the inconvenience. But at age 65, I intuitively know that I still have the spark of hot sex in me.

I Want to Get My Mojo Back!

I still think about sex all the time. I just need to find a more natural way to bring it out like when I was as a younger man. I want to get my mojo back. I want to wake up in the morning with my love by my side, and a good strong hard-on to start the day making love with my woman.

Is that too much to ask? I think not. That’s why I have spent the last six weeks going through a medical therapy called GAINSWave. It is a Low-Intensity Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (LI-ESWT). It uses high frequency radial sound waves to restore vascular circulation and build new capillaries in the penile tissue for enhanced blood flow allowing stronger, firmer, sustained erections.

It All Comes Down to Blood Flow

Sounds complex, but it all comes down to blood flow. As men get older, micro-plaque builds up in the penile tissue restricting blood flow. This blockage eventually causes erectile dysfunction and makes it impossible for a man to have an erection hard enough for sexual intercourse. No matter how strong his passion, no matter how bad he wants it, it is simply a matter of biology and the result is a flaccid, limp penis.

This perfectly describes my situation before I discovered GAINSWave. Now, after six weeks of this revolutionary, highly unusual, noninvasive therapy, my penis is coming back to life.

Before making the decision to engage in the GAINSWave therapy I did my research. I read the clinical studies about LI-ESWT. I knew the success rate was 70% to 75%. I knew that I could be in the 25% that didn’t get good results, but I also knew that I’m a pretty regular guy and I’m most likely in the 75% that did get good results.

Is This a Miracle?

Fortunately, I was right. I’m now waking up with an erection, like when I was much, much younger, and this is really a great sensation at age 65! How can this be? Is it a miracle? For me it sure is. For my GAINSWave provider, it’s just business as usual.

If you’ve read all of my past seven blog posts, you know that I decided to do this therapy because I met a hot, sexy 61-year-old art professor/sculptor/retired ballerina/cellist whose only condition for having an intimate loving relationship with me is that I am able to make love to her on a regular basis. I wanted her so bad, and I wanted the sex so much that I took this action to recover my erection dysfunction.

What I did not tell you is that this was a long distance relationship. She lives in California and I live in Florida. We met through an online dating service and established an intimate relationship through chatting online, texting, and long sexy telephone conversations.

As soon as I got my mojo back, I made my airplane reservation to go back to Los Angeles, California for the week of Thanksgiving. I was so excited! I couldn’t wait for the fun to begin! We talked every night on the phone and texted throughout the day sweet sexy nothings. It was great!

We Need to Talk!

Then, out of nowhere, two weeks before my scheduled departure to heavenly bliss, she sends me a text that says, “We need to talk.” After work I call her and she tells me she’s been consulting with her circle of friends and they all agree that a long-distance romance/relationship is not good for her. She says I am lots of fun, a really great man, but that she is looking for someone who can be in her life every day; or at least no more than a 20-minute drive away from a booty call.

Are You Dumping Me?

I can’t believe my ears. I say, “Are you dumping me, honey?” She says, “Yes, honey. I’m sorry, but I’ve thought long and hard about this and I don’t think we’re going to make it.”

I am the Saddest Man on Earth

About now, I am the saddest man on earth. I’ve been experiencing a private heaven with her and now when it comes time to make it real, it is over before it even starts. Plus, I’ve just made an investment in ED therapy to get my erections back and I was successful! I’m ready for hot sex with my love and … I have lost my love.

What can I do? I’m depressed. I’m crushed. I am utterly lost. I thought this was true love. But no, it was all just a fantasy. Maybe I should have listened to Juan and told her about my quest and what and why I was working so hard to regain my manhood. Maybe she would have loved me more. Maybe she would have taken sympathy on me. Maybe she would have invited me for the week just to live out my fantasy; but no. I got none of that. All I got was a broken heart and a hard, lonely penis. Plus, a non-refundable $556 plane ticket to LA that now makes no sense.

I’m really feeling down like a big loser. Such are the ways of love. You know, I wasn’t looking just for sex. I was looking for hot passionate sex laced with a wonderful love. The kind of love you read about in books and see in the movies. I’m feeling like a total sucker.

There is a Silver Lining!

But there is a silver lining to this dark cloud. I can now get a hard-on good enough for penetration. I did get my mojo back thanks to GAINSWave. I’ve still got a little extra spring in my step. All I need is a woman to love and I’m back in business. So I go back to the well of online dating. I post my profile again. I’m not looking for just sex. I’m looking for a sexy loving relationship.

I cry out in silence, G_d! Please send me someone to love. I don’t care if she’s big or small, fat or skinny, beautiful or ugly. Just someone I can love who will love me too.

True Intimacy Means Taking a Risk

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. True intimacy means taking a risk. It means being vulnerable and getting to know someone as you allow them to get to know you. All this takes time. And, at 65 I’m feeling that my time is running out. I don’t want to be an old impotent man living alone with no one to love the last years of my life. I want joy and passion and fun and wonderful love, love, love.

So I spend weeks trying to find Ms. Right online. I even go out on a few coffee and dinner dates. I meet some very good looking and kind women. I found women who want to walk on the beach at sunset, dance at tiki bars, go to nice restaurants, travel the world, and cuddle by the fireplace. I want all that, but what about all the time in between?

I want someone I can wake up to every morning with a beautiful smile and feel glad and grateful to be alive. I want someone that lights up my life just being in the same room together. I want someone who can’t wait to have sex with me anywhere, anytime; with a glow of passion and love that surrounds us both.

The Missing Ingredient

But the missing ingredient is “CHEMISTRY.” Again, science plays a big role in my life. How can I find the right woman who will want all the sex I want and still be my woman?  Where can I find a woman who will love me for who I am, and who I am not?

Is this too much to ask? I think so.

Rather than give up, I go back to my online dating profile and rewrite my story. I say what I just told you in fewer words with a little more humility and less neediness.

My Message Box Is Empty!

I post my new story and I wait for the messages of interested ladies to come in as I troll the algorithm matches of other single women looking for a man like me. I don’t get any hits. My message box is empty. I keep looking and chatting with potential Ms. Rights. I get a few possibilities, but nothing like my last great love that dumped me.

Then one day I get a short message that says, “I see you are looking at my profile. If you see something you like, message me and we can talk.” I sit up straight and click on her profile. OMG! I remember her! She’s beautiful! Too beautiful for me! I see pictures of her on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean, another from Acapulco, and another in a bikini on the white sands of a beach in Brazil. I look at her beautiful smile and then I read her story.

Finally! A Woman Who Knows What She Wants!

Wow! This is a woman who knows what she wants. She’s classy, clear, concise, sexy, and romantic. And even, better, she’s 68! Ahhhh! An older woman! We chat a bit online, then swap phone numbers.

Turns out she lives in Florida half the year and Brazil the other half. She was married for 43 years. Her husband was 20 years older and passed away a few years ago. She’s looking for the right man and wants sex and love. Says she’s like a 68-year old car, with one owner, and low mileage. She’s been thinking about taking a tantric sex course for couples in Spain, so she can get in touch with her sexual self but needs a loving partner.

I Already Love This Woman!

We’ve spent the past month on the phone and texting. I already love this woman and I hardly know her. She’s flying in from Brazil on Friday and I’m picking her up at the airport. Wish me luck. This could be the one! I’m excited! Very excited!

So now you know my story. I share this with you to show you that it’s important not to give up. You never know what is just around the corner. I thought my life was pretty much coming to a sad end. Now I’m on top of the world!

Did GAINSWave do this for me? No. But GAINSWave was part of my path to a new beginning with sexual health in the forefront. Without getting my mojo back, I am simply not the man I always wanted to be.

If You Still Want Vibrant, Hot Sex in Your Life – Go To

If you have ED and still want to have vibrant, hot sex in your life, consider calling to find out if GAINSWave is right for you. Since you are already on their website, read more about this amazing ED therapy. You’ll find all the science with detailed explanations about how the sound wave therapy works and video testimonials from men who have had great success with the GAINSWave ED Therapy.

When Adam and I met after my last treatment, he asked me about my experience with GAINSWave and if I was satisfied with the results. I shared with him most of the points I have revealed with you in this blog.

Let me know if you like my blog. Thank you for reading. Keep your fingers crossed for me.  All the best! – Blade Thomas.

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