Crossing the Finish Line – I’m A Winner!

Blade Thomas’ GAINSWave Story – Part 7 of 8

Blade was tired of being a better lover in his mind than in the bedroom, so he set out on a GAINSWave journey to improve his ED. 6-weeks later it’s Blade’s last treatment. Find out what happens…

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My Moment of truth … Treatment #6 of 6

This is the final step in my quest to throw caution to the wind and get rid of my erectile dysfunction (ED), so I can have spontaneous rock-solid erections again and hot sex with my dream lover.

It’s not just about me. I really want to be able to give my lady the ultimate sexual pleasures and joy that come with passionate spontaneous love making. Only problem is that I’ve been plagued with declining erection function and it’s come to the point that I am a much better lover in my mind than in my penis.

That’s why I decided to do something proactive at age 65.  Plus, I met a beautiful 61-year-old lady that simply drives me crazy. We can talk for hours, text thousands of words and get each other off in the cloud.

She shows me great affection, but after being married for 30 years to a man who couldn’t get it up, she has one condition to our relationship. That condition is that I am able to get a good hard-on and make passionate love with her on demand. Of course, I agreed to this condition. In fact, my response was, “No problem! I can do that!”

But alas, I lied, and once I realized that I was going to have to make good on my love making prowess, I knew that if I failed in this promise, I would be crushed as a man and she would probably never want to see me again. Or worse, we would become “just friends”.

I Have Always Been a Sexual Man

As I mentioned early on, I have always been a sexual man. In fact, I’ve had my share of romance with over 100 (but less than 1,000) girlfriends. I have two ex-wives and three adult children to prove it. I got married at age 34, I settled down, never cheated, and became a responsible, loving husband and father.

After my second marriage ended about 9 years ago I tried the digital dating sites to see if I could find a fun and exciting partner. I dated a few younger women (younger for me is anyone 5-years less than my age). I even dated a few women in their late 30s and mid- 40s. I didn’t like that; it made me feel weird because my oldest daughter is almost 30, and they were just too close in age to her so it made me feel creepy.

I decided I only wanted to be with women my age, 60+. It always felt weird dating women who only knew the Beatles as elevator music. I wanted a companion who was old enough to say where she was when Kennedy was assassinated, when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, and when John Lennon died.

I want a woman who has aged nicely; is in reasonably good shape, and can still hike the path to Machu Picchu, or walk the el Camino. The only problem with this is that these women want a man who can give them the joys and pleasures of good, romantic hot sex. To do this, I’ve got to be able to maintain and sustain strong erections … preferably without relying on the little blue pill to do all the work.

Today Women Want Sex More Than Men!

Today I feel it is women who want hot and steamy sex and many men 50 years and older can’t get it up. There is kind of an epidemic of erectile dysfunction. That’s why many older women go for younger men, because the older men can no longer get and maintain hard erections and satisfy them in the bedroom.

How’s Your Sexual Health?

Old school thinking is that after 60, most men, and women are finished sexually. Today, that’s absolutely not true. Today, 60 is the new middle-age. And, if you want to be relevant, travel, have fun, enjoy the success of your life and a rich intimate relationship into your upper years, you’ve got to have good sexual health. When I say good sexual health, I mean you’ve got to be able to make passionate love to your woman with strong erections. With GAINSWave, I truly think this is not dreaming, but a viable reality.

Ask any woman at any age, old or young, if she wants a man that can turn her on and make passionate love any time and I bet you she will say, absolutely YES!

That’s why I looked for a solution to my ED. That’s why I signed up for six treatment sessions of GAINSWave. I’ve completed #5 of 6 treatments, and I am about to finish my 6th session today.

Each Treatment is Always the Same

Each treatment session is always the same, even if the medical professional is different. I check in with the receptionist who gives me the numbing cream. I go into the bathroom and apply the cream and wash my hands so I don’t get any cream in my eyes. I wait in the waiting room for 5-10 minutes while the cream goes to work. The nurse calls my name and escorts me to the treatment room. This time it is room #3.

I lay down on the medical lounge chair and relax, recalling the first time I was in this room for treatment #1. Seems like a long time ago, but it was just under six weeks. There is a knock at the door and in walks the beautiful … Vanessa! I started with Vanessa and I am going to finish with Vanessa; seems appropriate.

Vanessa says, “Well, stranger! Good to see you again Mr. Thomas. How have you been?”

“I’ve been great. GAINSWave is working for me! Looks like business is picking up!  The waiting room seems to have more and more men getting treatments.”

Word is Out – GAINSWave Really Works!

Vanessa replies, “Yes. Word is out that GAINSWave really works. When I started working here there were 50 network provider doctors. Now there are almost 200 with more joining the GAINSWave team every day.

I guess men really want this because it gives them a freedom they once had and lost. Now in a short amount of time they get their freedom back and their wives or girlfriends love it too! I think it provides a change that is more than sexual. It’s like they have more confidence in everything. Do you see it that way too?”

There’s Something There That Wasn’t There Before!

“Yes! I think there’s something there that wasn’t there before. It’s given me an extra spring in my step. Now I’m finding my passion again and it makes me feel more like a man. I mean, I’ve always been a man, but a man who can’t get it up, is like a man who’s lost his edge. And for me, with a name like Blade, that’s not a good position to be in!” We laugh…

But getting the treatment is no laughing matter. Once the sound of acoustic waves starts, it’s focus time for Vanessa, and for me. I do my inner meditations and visualize increased blood flow, stem cells working to create more new cells for a healthy penis. I know the concept of visualization sounds like nonsense to some people, but the GAINSWave therapy is sound waves and you can’t see those, yet I know it is working for me. I just want to give it every opportunity possible to enhance my Penis Erection Recovery (PER) mission.

Vanessa asks, “Did Adam get ahold of you?”

I say, “Yes. We’re meeting after we’re done here.”

“Since this is your last session, he wants to get your feedback and see how much progress you’ve made. He’ll also tell you about our other therapies, not just for sexual health, but for age management, and anti-aging,” she says.

World Famous Array of Advanced Therapies

“We have a world-famous array of therapies to keep your mind and body looking good, feeling good and functioning at high performance so you can enjoy life at any age. He’s not going to try to sell you anything, but since you’ve come this far, you should know what’s available because there have been some impressive breakthroughs in the science of sexual health as well as anti-aging and age management.

We have a very impressive testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) program that is very popular with cops, firefighters, and military personnel. You know, men who have to rely on high levels of physical fitness even in to their 50s and 60s.

It’s ok if you comment freely about the high quality of our medical team too! I see you were treated by Juan and Dr. David.”

I’m Kind of a Penile Tissue Expert Now!

“Yes,” I say. “They were both great. I would’ve rather had you, but they were great. I learned a lot. I’m kind of a penile tissue expert now. I know all about Neo-Vascularization, Hemodynamics, and Angiogenesis.”

“Yeah,” says Vanessa. They know and love their science. You know, it’s all about the blood flow. If you can maintain healthy blood flow, you’ll be able to have a great love life for a long, long time,” she says.

“Ok. We’re done. You can get dressed and I’ll let Adam know you’ve completed your treatment. I’m sure I’ll see you again. Bye for now.”

And there she goes; my first and last GAINSWave nurse practitioner. I must say, all of the staff and nurses have been fantastic. Administering GAINSWave therapy is not like taking your temperature or blood pressure; it’s much more intimate. It takes a well-trained, experienced professional with a good disposition to pull off shocking your penis for 20 minutes with acoustic sound waves seem like no big deal.

I must admit, in the beginning I was a little freaked out, but now I know what to expect, so for me, it’s all good. I know the science. I have a goal. I’m reaching that goal and the experience has been 100% positive. And now you know all that I know.

If you’re thinking about trying GAINSWave to cure your ED, I hope sharing my intimate experience with you allows you to make a more informed decision.

Now I’m going to meet with Adam and see what he’s got to say and tell him about my experience. This should be interesting. Read on to blog post #8.

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