7 Best-Kept Secrets to Great Sex & Sexual Health for Men

As adults we have a desire for sex or sex drive that is hard wired in us. Sex is also meant to be fun. (If it wasn’t, the human race likely would have vanished long ago!) Unfortunately, at least half of American men experience some level of sexual dysfunction. Such is our interest in sex that even men who do not experience erectile dysfunction still have an interest in improving sexual performance.

Improving Your Sex Life Your Relationship

Improving Your Sex Life Your RelationshipThe frustration that results from struggling to maintain an erection or have one in the first place is a challenge for many men. Ejaculation timing, whether too soon or too delayed, can also negatively impact the sexual experience. While these issues are problematic for men, they can take a serious toll on the entire relationship.

Science has demonstrated that libido, which is our sex drive or sexual desire, is controlled by our hormones. Any changes in hormone levels can reduce your desire and may in turn potentially cause your partner to feel undesirable and/or unloved. And one does not need to be a mental health professional to understand the impact that improved sexual health can have on a relationship. At this point, a vicious cycle can begin as the physiological negatively impacts the psychological and vice versa. As the cycle continues a man can spiral into internal conversations of self-doubt which can rob him of his confidence. This is something that no man should have to experience, regardless of age.

The man in charge of his life seeks out opportunities to improve the quality of his life. What he may not know is that great sex and improved sexual health are available to virtually every man. With that in mind, here is:

The GAINSWave® Guide to How to Increase Your Sex Drive Using Some of the Best Sexual Health Tips:

  1. Enjoy Eating But Don’t Overdo It. Like sex, food is meant to be enjoyed. But when we misuse food or eat foods that we know will have a negative impact on our bodies, we know that this is not how to boost sex drive. When we make healthy choices, we can both enjoy food and benefit from the nutrition it provides. Most of us know what to eat but a little review never hurts. Remember that eating is not just about food but it’s also about how to improve sex drive.
    1. Choose unprocessed organic fruits and vegetables, grass-fed sources of protein, and add omega-3 fatty acids and other healthy fats.
    2. Limit junk food and foods processed with hormones and chemicals.
    3. Become more aware of foods packaged with plastic, BPA and phytoestrogens and avoid them whenever possible.
  2. Garbage in, Garbage Out. In the computer world this term meant that if you put bad data in, you would get bad results. It also contains wisdom regarding what you put in your body. Each of the items in this has an important role to play in discovering how to increase sex drive in men naturally.
    1. Cigarettes may have been cool in high school, but their blood vessel constricting action won’t do your erections any favors.
    2. Alcohol may help set the mood and even spur your desire, but this fairy tale does not have a happy ending.
    3. Stay away from recreational drugs. (In the case of prescription medications, keep taking them but discuss any concerns with your physician.)
  3. Get a move on. There is a connection between exercise and how to improve your sex life. Exercise improves muscle tone, circulation and stamina which provide a solid foundation for the physicality of sex. Why not set a goal to exercise at least three days a week?
  4. Deal with stress and emotional drama. In our busy world it can be difficult to completely avoid stress. But remember that stress and sex are natural enemies. To reduce your stress, consider activities like meditation, yoga or reading. If you suffer from depression you may also need your thyroid evaluated, as it may interfere with sexuality. Make sure you are also getting adequate sleep. The list of how to improve sexual performance does not include going without sleep.
  5. Handle with care. Certain activities such as bicycling, spinning, horseback riding, and motorcycles can subject your genitals to injury and when they heal, they can scar. So, why not take proper precautions when engaging in these or similar activities?
  6. See yourself as worthy of great sex. As a high-performance man, you know that confidence is your greatest asset and that improving your confidence is one of the ways how to improve sex. And when you have it going on in the bedroom, it can create a significant boost to your confidence in other areas of life. This sets the stage for you to kill it in the boardroom, in the toughest business negotiations and on the golf course. How important is great sex and sexual health? None other than Napoleon Hill, the author of the famous book, Think and Grow Rich, states on page 190 that sexual desire is the most powerful of human desires. His extensive historical research proves that men of great achievement had highly developed sexual natures.
  7. Do your own research. The Internet has become a treasure trove of information about almost every imaginable topic including sex. Jump in and expand your horizons. Search reputable websites and double check anything that sounds too good to be true.

GAINSWave® – For Improved Sexual Health

Another effective way to improve your sexual health is with GAINSWave. This breakthrough therapy is probably the fastest and most effective way how to increase your sexual performance.

It uses pulsating acoustic shockwaves to stimulate the growth of new blood vessels in the penis, which increases the blood flow and improves sexual function and performance.

After just a few GAINSWave treatments, these acoustical waves will repair and restore blood vessels so you can enjoy a healthy and happy sex life.

To request more information about male sexual health and your prevention, enhancement and treatment options, find a provider near you.








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