Biohacking Brittany Podcast: How to Correct Hormone Imbalances

Correct Hormone Imbalances and Sexual Dysfunction with Dr. Tarin Forbes Including Increasing Libido, Sexual Enhancement with GAINSWave and Other Biohacks

In this episode of Biohacking Brittany, Brittany chats with Dr. Tarin Forbes about all things sexual health including increasing libido for both men and women, creating a healthier sex life through nutrition, lifestyle and fitness, and specific biohacks that can enhance intimacy.

Dr. Forbes draws from her personal experience with health challenges, and her confidence from treating each patient uniquely as she explains how to strive for optimal health, a far better approach to health care.

Additional Topics Discussed: 

  • Biohacks for libido
  • Balancing hormones and the right lab tests to take
  • GAINSWave treatment for sexual enhancement


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