How To Build Character and Discipline To Achieve Greater Good

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Ben Pakulski has been training men in Muscle Intelligence™️ for 25 years. In the Pakulski Method, he focuses on a six-pillar strategy to improve a man’s performance in life, not just the gym. The psychological benefits of training include developing character and discipline, which spills over into every area of your life. Discover what kind of psychology strategies you can apply to your training to get an even greater edge and pleasure out of your everyday existence.

Find out: 

  • How to balance rigidity and flexibility
  • The benefits of the Eldoa Method of myofascial stretching
  • The key to losing fat while building muscle
  • What food 40–60-year-old men should eat to sustain muscle
  • The upside and the potential downside of certain peptides
  • Testosterone replacement wisdom
  • The Breath, Walk, Meditate foundation 
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Ben Pakulski

Godfather of Intelligent Muscle Building®️

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