Susan Bratton & Ben Greenfield’s Top Tips for Sexual Biohacking

Sex is a subject I can’t (and don’t want to) ignore… because sexual health is just as important for your physical, mental, and spiritual fitness as lifting weights, meditating, or praying.– Ben Greenfield. 

Two days ago, one of the world’s most respected biohackers, Ben Greenfield, invited Susan Bratton onto his podcast to discuss orgasm enhancement, blood flow, nitric oxide and other sexual biohacks men and women can explore to supercharge their intimacy. 

Susan Bratton is coined as the “Intimacy Expert to Millions” because she’s a sexual biohacker that literally helps millions of men and women optimize their sex lives using natural science and techniques. And in this episode, they both reveal a ton of golden nuggets that will help you or your partner go from good to great with the power of an earthquake!

Man in underwear and unbuttoned white lab coat pointing a futuristic laser gun at his penis - GAINSWave

New Year. New D!*k

A few years ago, Ben Greenfield shocked the world when he partnered with Men’s Health Magazine to go on a journey where he would try every option available to man that promoted enhanced erections and a bigger “package”. During this journey, he tried everything from gas station pills to stem cells and of course… GAINSWave (click to read article). 

And ever since ben’s experience with GAINSWave, he’s always kept coming back. For instance, check out this podcast episode featuring Board-certified Urologist, Dr. Judson Brandeis that focuses on The Best Sexual Biohacks For Men

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