At-Home Ultrasound vs. GAINSWave ED Treatment – What’s the Difference?

An ultrasound is but one of many advertised treatments for erectile dysfunction.
According to
Cleveland Clinic research, 40% of men over 40 and 70% of men over 70, suffer from erectile dysfunction. Therefore, as you are reading this, a substantial number of men are searching for a solution that reignites that slumbering patch of skin dangling between their legs.
Many of these men are desperate, willing to consume any product that poses a potential solution. Unfortunately, most of these solutions turn out to be wastes of money at best and dangerous at worst.

The most common cause of ED is improper blood circulation. An erection will only occur as a result of signals from the brain. Such signals may be unable to reach the penis through contaminated blood. As we get older, a myriad of factors such as a lifetime of consuming alcohol, smoking, or a poor diet, will clog up our bloodstream. Certain devices can potentially promote the growth of new and healthy blood cells while removing unhealthy ones. Therefore, improving one’s blood circulation is a solution for ED.

Take-home Ultrasound Machines

One relatively inexpensive option is take-home ultrasound machines. For a few hundred dollars, a man can purchase a machine that is advertised as being able to cure ED but also add some height to that tree trunk. Some of these products claim that ultrasound devices will heat penises, which, therefore, cause the penis to stretch. Several scientific studies, such as this one, concluded that ultrasound does not contain growth factor supplements.

More alarmingly, such at-home ultrasound devices can be very dangerous. As a result of the mechanical nature as well as the intense heat, at-home ultrasounds machines often cause blisters and skin lesions. Anyone who tries to fix a problem with their penis with an ultrasound machine purchased on the web and manufactured in some factory across the planet is headed for disaster.

GAINSWave Shock Wave Therapy 

GAINSWave shock wave therapy is a more practical solution. For starters, check out this page that contains more than 30 clinical studies that all validate the efficacy of the treatment. Providers of GAINSWave use the only device that is FDA approved to improve blood flow. GAINSWave is more expensive than ED medication or at-home ultrasound devices, but it is money well spent because, according to science, it works!

In addition, GAINSWave actually does make one’s penis larger. Don’t expect to magically gain a few inches, but by improving one’s blood flow, GAINSWave shock wave treatment will create the appearance of a larger penis. After all, an erection is just a collection of blood. The more blood that flows into the penis, the larger it will be. For this reason, GAINSWave is also proven to enhance sexual performance as well as pleasure. Suddenly, the most expensive option seems like a damn good deal!

Safety First

Another frightening fact that should persuade most men to stay away from those at-home ultrasound devices, is the comfort of having a professional apply the treatment. GAINSWave treatment is easy, simple, and fast. Individuals just go to the provider’s office once a week for a 15 to 20-minute session. Just a few weeks into treatment, a man should begin seeing noticeable improvements to their penis as well as to their sexual performance. Having a medical practitioner to guide one through this experience will be a benefit to any man.

According to James Kelley, a representative of England’s ED Clinics, the divide between at-home devices and professional clinic-based treatment was even more pronounced, by asserting that at-home devices use radial waves, whereas the latter uses focused, low-intensity waves. Kelley further stipulated that low-intensity waves are effective, whereas radial waves are not.

What is Ultrasound Anyway?

Ultrasound and shock wave treatment may appear to be similar, but the two treatments are really like night and day. Both ultrasound and shock wave devices use ultrasound gel. Even under a microscope, a sound wave may look like a shock wave. But under closer scrutiny the differences are obvious.

Think of a sound wave as a ripple, after one tosses a pebble into a stream. A shock wave is a bit faster and not as smooth. A shock wave is much more intense. The oscillations of the two waves differ as well. Ultrasound occurs in periodic oscillations with limited bandwidth. 

Shock waves are single, mainly positive pressure pulses that are followed by comparatively small tensile wave components.ESWT

As a result, shockwaves are more effective.


In our congested international marketplace, a man looking for ED solutions will have his choice of many. As with everything in life, the cheapest options are quite often, the worst. Don’t rely on cheap products to improve your sex life. At-home ultrasound treatment is advertised to be similar to in-office procedures such as GAINSWave, but the truth could not be further from the truth. Notwithstanding the physical damage, you may inflict on your penis, in the end, the guidance of a medical professional that comes with GAINSWave will save you time and money, and maybe even some nasty blisters on your testicles.

Learn if you are a candidate for the GAINSWave procedure and start your treatment at your location.

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