Female Arousal: Guide by Susan Bratton

Ready to supercharge your love life and discover new realms of pleasure? Join Heather and Susan on the latest episode of Ask A Sex Therapist with Heather Shannon, featuring intimacy expert Susan Bratton.

In this scintillating conversation, Susan reveals:

🔗 The surprising link between health issues and libido problems, and how to address them.

🔬 Techniques for natural enlargement and rejuvenating sensation lost to aging.

🚀 Cutting-edge pleasure protocols, including light therapies and vibrations.

🎓 The evolution of sexual media towards education and liberation.

💕 How prioritizing intimacy can ignite a renaissance in your love life.

Whether you’re in a relationship or exploring your own desires, Susan’s insights will revolutionize your intimacy. Don’t miss out—tune in now and unlock a world of passion!

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