(Almost) Everything You Need To Know About Shockwave Therapy for ED

It’s date night. Dinner is coming to an end, the bottle of wine you’re sharing is almost empty, and your partner gives you the “let’s go have some fun” look. You get that tingly feeling inside that jolts your trousers and just as you begin to grin your heart stops because you’ve just realize that your supply of little blue pills has run out.

If this scenario sounds familiar, then you already know what happens next.

Guys… you don’t need to put your spontaneity on pause! ED is just a symptom that can vanish once the root cause has been successfully treated. That’s where GAINSWave® comes in. By optimizing your blood flow, GAINSWave® helps you restore your manhood so that you’re always ready for action.

AskMen.com agrees! 

Can Shockwave Therapy Treat Your ED? Here’s What You Need to Know

GAINSWave® is the leader in shockwave therapy for ED, and AskMen.com recently interviewed Board-certified Urologist & GAINSWave® provider, Dr. Tracy Gapin to pick his brain about: 

  • How Shockwave Therapy for ED works

  • How long treatment takes

  • Who may be an ideal candidate

  • What the success rate is

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