3 Ways To Optimize Male Sexual Performance

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Adam Armstrong

Sex Coach

Sexual energy… how can you get more and create more in your relationship? Susan and Adam share their high-performance sexual energy smoothie recipes and discuss the various libido botanicals men can use to have harder erections, reduce the refractory period and have more stamina. Next, we cover the cardiovascular and strength training required for younger men to improve their endogenous testosterone if they don’t want to replacement T.

See a demonstration of a breathing method that optimizes your cardiovascular system and lowers your stress while increasing your erectile function. And discover how to stop snoring at night so you can make more nitric oxide to support your erectile firmness.

Then they talk about seduction and the skills men can add to their sexual repertoire to become better, more desirable lovers for their partners. What is is that women need to want you for sex? And how when the sex occurs, can you make it good for her so she wants more? How can you be the “bad boy” she wants for sex while still being the man of integrity she needs outside the bedroom? These doable tips are specific and detailed and will pay off when you try them.

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