ABC15 News: How To Rejuvenate Your Love Life

Dr. Melanie created Butterfly Holistic Center out of a desire to be healthy for her son, having lost her mother to cancer as a child. Her father had always been a bit of a health nut and helped guide her into naturopathic medicine, already being trained in traditional medicine as a respiratory therapist.

She serendipitously ran into regenerative medicine and was amazed by its healing ability and that led to many more seminars and mentors that produce the wide variety of services offered at Butterfly Holistic Center. Melanie’s pure love of learning and healing continues to fuel the center’s ongoing improvement to offer their community the absolute best in holistic and regenerative medicine.

In this segment, Dr. Icard reveals her go-to method for helping women overcome issues like incontinence, diminishing lubrication, and a preventative approach to menopause.



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