7 Reasons Why ED Can Happen to Anyone (And What to Do About It)

If you consistently lose your erection during sex, you may have erectile dysfunction. Since erectile dysfunction has so many different causes, anyone with a penis might experience it at some point in their life. Fortunately, those who struggle with ED can often overcome it by knowing about the main causes and one of the best natural solutions to solving it. 

What Causes the Loss of an Erection During Sex?

When you lose an erection during sex, it can be a major mood killer and hurt your self-confidence. However, you can take action to prevent ED by knowing the reasons why ED usually occurs. Learn more about the top seven reasons for ED below:

1. Improper Blood Circulation

Your erections are powered by the amount of blood that can flow into the erectile tissue. When plaque clogs your penile blood vessels or these vessels become damaged, blood can’t circulate easily into your penis, resulting in weaker, shorter-lasting erections. Typically, improper blood circulation will at first disrupt your ability to maintain an erection, and if it’s not addressed, the lack of circulation may end up preventing you from obtaining one in the first place.

2. Lack of Physical Activity or Obesity 

Too much fat in the body can end up dropping your testosterone levels and causing ED. Alongside decreasing testosterone levels, obesity can create cardiovascular issues commonly associated with ED. Since a lack of physical activity can cause more fat to accumulate in the body, it’s best to start exercising and engage in a more active lifestyle. Those struggling with obesity may also want to consider dietary changes to reduce their weight.

3. Smoking

If you smoke cigarettes or other tobacco products, you’re at risk of developing ED. When you smoke, your arteries will harden, directly impacting the amount of blood that can flow to your penis. Besides harming blood flow, smoking can cause oxidative stress, which also puts men at risk of ED. Fortunately, stopping smoking can often relieve ED risks, especially when paired with a natural ED treatment like shockwave therapy.

4. Alcohol Consumption

Drinking alcohol is another primary driver of ED in many men. If you drink more than two alcoholic beverages a day, you’re at risk of ED, as alcohol can cause nerve and hormonal imbalances. Excess alcohol consumption also reduces blood flow to the penis and can reduce your testosterone levels. Additionally, consistent drinking can impact your libido, making it harder to even get in the mood to have sex in the first place. Those who drink will want to cut back to address ED complications due to excess drinking.

5. Psychological Issues

If you struggle with stress, depression, or anxiety, you may be at risk of psychological ED. With psychological ED, your body may be in top shape, but your mental health may cause you to be unable to obtain or sustain an erection. Additionally, when you’re on medication, such as an antidepressant, to treat your mental health, it may cause ED issues. Those with psychological-related ED may benefit from seeing a therapist and receiving shockwave therapy in case some physical issues are also impacting their erections.

6. High Cholesterol 

High cholesterol levels are often linked to ED, as they damage your body’s blood vessel linings, including those in the penis. When high cholesterol levels block up your blood vessels, blood can’t flow quickly into your penis and fill your erectile tissue with blood. Typically, high cholesterol levels can be controlled with a healthy diet, an active lifestyle, and certain medications. 

7. Peyronie’s Disease

If you suffer from Peyronie’s disease, there’s a good chance you struggle with erectile dysfunction. This disease is characterized by the narrowing of the penile shaft or irregular curvature of the penis. Since penile scarring plays a major role in Peyronie’s disease, those with Peyronie’s disease often struggle with ED due to poor circulation caused by scarring. Peyronie’s Disease and the ED that comes with it can both be treated with shockwave therapy, as it can eliminate scar tissue in the penis.

How to Naturally Solve Erectile Dysfunction

While you can make lifestyle changes to prevent ED, these changes are often best paired with shockwave therapy. This non-invasive treatment option addresses the primary causes of ED, such as poor blood flow circulation, nerve damage, and plaque formation. With an over 75% success rate at treating erectile dysfunction, shockwave therapy is the premier alternative treatment for ED. Due to shockwave therapy’s high success rate, GAINSWave® is proud to offer shockwave therapy to men struggling with ED all across the country. 

During your appointment with a GAINSWave-certified provider, a clinician will use sound waves to break up plaque formation in your penile vessels to allow for better flood flow. The shockwaves can also stimulate dormant stem cells that can repair nerve damage to the penis, increasing sensation and making it more likely for you to obtain an erection. Additionally, shockwave therapy will generate new blood vessels in the penis. These new blood vessels increase blood flow to the penis by giving blood more pathways to reach your manhood.

Find a GAINSWave-Certified Shockwave Therapy Provider Near You

If you’re interested in receiving shockwave therapy for ED now that you know what causes the loss of an erection during sex, GAINSWave can help. As the leader in sexual wellness, GAINSWave offers a nationwide network of GAINSWave-certified shockwave therapy providers. These providers have all met our rigorous standards for equipment and care to ensure all our patients have an exceptional experience and receive the most beneficial results. 

Learn more about shockwave therapy for ED. If you’re interested in receiving treatment, please take our short candidacy questionnaire. Once your candidacy is determined, use our provider locator to find a GAINSWave-certified shockwave therapy provider near you.

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