4 Tips for Choosing the Right ED Treatment for You

Over the last few years, more erectile dysfunction treatments and medications have become available to the general public. Due to this rise in new treatments, men aren’t limited to paying an outrageous amount of money for prescription ED pills or undergoing invasive surgery. If you’re struggling with ED and are considering the right type of treatment for you, take a moment to review the top four tips men should consider before making a decision.

1. Know Your Medical History

Before you receive any medical treatment for ED, you should consult with a doctor and know your medical history. Some treatments, such as ED pills or injections, should not be used if a patient has certain conditions or takes other drugs. For example, a patient who’s had a heart attack or a stroke shouldn’t take Viagra due to the negative health effects that could occur, making Viagra alternatives important to many men.

By knowing your medical history, you maybe be able to immediately eliminate some treatment options due to health and safety concerns. If you take certain medications or have any conditions that bar you from receiving some treatments, you may want to look for treatments that don’t interfere with your existing prescriptions or conditions.

2. Consider the Potential Side Effects

Alongside checking your medical history to ensure you can safely undergo treatment, you should check the potential side effects of any medication or treatment. For instance, prescription ED pills often put you at risk for many side effects, such as headaches, upset stomach, dizziness, decline or loss of vision, and long-lasting erections.

In addition to the side effects of ED pills, other treatments like penile injections, urethral suppositories, and penile implants can cause side effects. For penile injections and urethral suppositories, there’s a danger of bleeding and pain, while a penile implant could cause an infection. Due to the many side effects of the main treatment options, it’s important to evaluate whether you’re willing to risk them or if you’d rather try a treatment, like shockwave therapy, that doesn’t have any side effects.

3. Look for Longer Lasting Treatments

As you search for the right treatment for your ED, one of the most factors to look at after reviewing side effects and your medical history is how long-lasting the treatment is. A treatment that only lasts a short time will make it so you have to keep taking a pill, using a penis pump, or injecting yourself with a needle almost every time you hope to have sex. 

Of course, these short-lasting treatments can create a lot of frustration and remove spontaneity in your sex life, underscoring the need for ED pill and penis pump alternatives. A longer-lasting treatment can be incredibly important for many men who don’t want to schedule sex or need to remember to take a medication or device with them whenever they travel with a partner or go on a date. 

4. Ensure the Treatment is Non-invasive and Painless

Some treatments, such as penile implants and penile injections, can be painful and invasive. With a penile injection, you’ll have to insert a needle into the base of your penis, which can cause minor bleeding, pain, and scar tissue formation. Penile implants are even more invasive, as a surgeon will need to insert a device into the penis to help the patient achieve an erection. Since surgeries can lead to infections and injections can be painful, many men prefer to try non-invasive treatments first.

Why SHOCKWAVE Therapy From GAINSWave® Is an Excellent ED Treatment Option

While every ED treatment has pros and cons, shockwave therapy from GAINSWave therapy sets itself apart from other treatment options. Essentially, shockwave therapy is a non-invasive, long-lasting treatment option that doesn’t require surgery.

Instead, the treatment is painless and convenient. During treatment, a certified medical professional will use high-frequency, low-intensity sounds to remove micro-plaque, generate new blood vessel growth, and increase blood flow to the penis. After a few sessions, the treatment should be effective and long-lasting, with successful results often lasting for around two years.

Alongside being long-lasting, shockwave therapy doesn’t come with all the unpleasant side effects of many other treatments and is available to far more men who take other medications or have preexisting conditions. Due to the lack of side effects, shockwave therapy gives many more men the chance to achieve stronger, longer-lasting erections without having to undergo invasive surgery. Shockwave therapy also has a 75% success rate, meaning it’s often a variable treatment for men wanting to improve their erections without having to deal with short-term solutions or dangerous side effects.

Find a GAINSWave Certified Provider Near You to Start Shockwave Therapy

As the leader of sexual wellness, GAINSWave is proud to offer a natural, alternative treatment for ED to many men across the country. Since we only allow our shockwave therapy providers to receive our certification after meeting strict equipment and procedural requirements, we ensure our patients receive only the best treatment. With GAINSWave, you can receive treatment for erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease while also enhancing your sexual performance.With all of the advantages of shockwave therapy for ED through GAINSWave, don’t hesitate to complete our short questionnaire to see if you’re a candidate. If you’ve already been approved and are looking for an ED clinic near you that offers GAINSWave, review our certified provider network today.

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