2021 Year Goals: More GAINSWave Usage on LOW CARB HU$TLE Podcast

Robert Sikes, Danny Vega, and Adam Schaeuble bring you their best tips and advice on living a low carb lifestyle, the ketogenic diet, getting lean, getting strong, and getting paid as a low carb influencer. The guys are also going to bring a lot of comedy, so prepare to laugh and have fun with each episode.

In this episode, the guys are BACK and they are joined by Brandon Scott the Keto Carnivore King!

Check out episode 002 of The Low Carb Hustle Podcast as they discuss:

  • What is a mini cut?
  • Why should you or shouldn’t you do a mini cut?
  • Finishing the show strong with our 2021 goals (One of which includes more GAINSWave).


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